Credits & Publications

As photographer I'm proud that images have been published in the newspaper and several magazines as well on all received feedback. It really encouraged me to go on with this fantastic hobby.


"Great energy for the shoot"
now we have put ourselves in the cycle of never ending new photoshoots so the previous ones get onto my hands! Loved the photos, especially the cover on the CD! That, for sure, I did not expect! Such attention to détails! I will guard it along with the beautiful memories of New Delhi!
Zanicca Yuan

"A beautiful gift"
We would like to convey our thanks to you for making such a nice gift with pictures clicked from my daughter's wedding. What is wonderful is that in few pictures the entire ceremony is well captured.
Kalpana and Anil.

"Thanks for Wonderful Photographs"
Thank you for the time and effort you had put in clicking the photographs of the most important day of our life, our Wedding last year. Also I must add that the CD of photographs you had prepared (every detail of it including the cover page) was amazing and was liked by all our friends and family , trust me it was even better than lot prepared by the professional photographer we hired :)

"2nd Tango Festival New Delhi, December 2012"
They capture very well what draws me to tango, you clearly have a very good eye!
Natalie de Souza
You really did a lovely job covering it, and giving us all lots of wonderful memories. Thank you!
Mitali Saran

"The desert drumming photos, they are lovely and will always remind
us of the great fun we had that day"

Nojoud Al Bastakia from Dubai

"Congratulations for your website, it's really nice and well done!"
Ileana Torni - Italy

"They are brilliant thank you so much"

Deborah Bevan, Operations Manager Gulf Ventures Dubai

"Was not there last time but I saw all your pictures and they are amazing!
Am a big fan.."

Jana Eckart from Dubai Drums

"Wow - your photos are amazing!"
Meera Ashish from Dubai

"I have looked at your wonderful web site with your photographs,
they are terrific, you have a great talent"

Nigel Ludlam from Dubai International School

"You are a professional! The photos are fantastic"
Yassaman Milleret from Airfrance / KLM - Dubai


photo's Dubai Drums Full Moon event December 2008
photo's Dubai Drums Full Moon event April 2009
"in Dubai pocket guide", issue January - Februari 2009
photo's Dubai Drums Full Moon event December 2008
magazine for Dutch expats living in Oman.
photo's Orangebal Muscat - Oman March 2009
"Hollandse Nieuwe",
magazine for Dutch expats living in Dubai and northern Emirates
photo's Orangebal Dubai April 2009
"Beautiful People",
A social and sustainable coffee concept that encourages people with special needs to develop their artistic talent by supporting sustainable art studios.